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How to make lemon essential oil at home

Lemon Essential Oil: How To Make It At Home

Lemon is that one-ingredient for which everyone swears by to heal all kind of skin issues. It may be acne scars, dark spots, tan removal; lemon can treat all the skin problems very well.

The versatile uses of lemon are simply amazing to cater all the beauty needs. It is rich in alpha hydroxy acids, limonene, citric acid, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Phosphorus and also used as an extract in skin brightening creams all over the world.

Hair Growth Oil

DIY Oil For Hair Growth And All Kind Of Hair Problems

Hair oils are known for their nourishing and conditioning properties. They have been used for hair growth since ages. I know the market is filled up with a variety of hair oils to fulfill your needs. But, making it at home gives a sense of relief about the purity of ingredients you are using in your hair oil. In this article, we will learn about easy to make home-made hair oil.

DIY Rose Oil: Recipe To Make It At Home

DIY Rose Oil: Recipe To Make It At Home

Everyone gets crazy for roses because of its undoubtedly pleasant fragrance. But, whenever used topically it also provides ultimate benefits to our skin.

I like to use roses in my beauty regime through multiple ways. Today, I want to share an amazing DIY recipe to make rose oil at home. It helps to keep my skin healthy, clear, flawless and reverses the aging process. Let’s get started.

DIY Natural Tinted Lip Balm Recipe

Lip balms are everyone’s favourite. They moisturise our lips and make them soft within an instant. I have a bunch of these either in cute little tubes or in small jars lying on my work desk, dressing table, bed and in drawers.

Some of them are tinted while remaining are plain just having some flavour in them. Most of the times I try to make them at home. And I swear the method of making lip balms is so easy that anyone can follow this process without any fuss.

DIY Under-eye Cream For Dark Circles and Fine Lines

If you want to age gracefully, having a good skincare regime is a must. A skincare regime means following a strict schedule to take care of each part of your body.

We usually include our face, neck, hands and the rest of our body in our skincare regime and overlook the under-eye area. The area around our eye experiences sagginess, dark circles and fine lines because of this neglection.

6 DIY Coconut Oil Hair Masks To Unleash Gorgeous Looking Hair

Having hair problems?

Believe me, we all have hair related problems to some extent. But it is not the sun or weather or humidity, that damage our  hair. It is our casual and neglecting behavior that make our hair related problems worse to handle.

But, Don’t worry. Because it is not the time just to sit and let worry handle your mood swings. Now is the time you need to show some extra gentle care towards your hair to combat any hair-related issue.

Easy DIY Natural Toners

Toning must be an essential part of our skincare routine. A toner not only minimises the visual appearance of pores but also balances the ph level of our skin, cleanse leftover makeup and remove excess oil from face.

All the drugstore toners available in the market contains alcohol which leaves our skin dry and dehydrated. The drugstore toners also cost a huge amount. Then why it is the need to buy them when you can make safe and effective toners right from your kitchen ingredients.