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Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser With SPF 15 Review

Hi Gracies!

I have normal/combination skin type… during a whole year. But my skin tends to appear oily during monsoons. Thanks to the excess humidity in northern parts of India. For this reason, I have to buy skincare products specially made for oily skin type during this season. Read following posts:

Get That Selfie-Ready Radiant Glow Naturally

Glowing and radiant skin fills us with a confident attitude. A good posture, friendly gestures are required for a great personality but nothing can combat the requirement of healthy, glowing, radiant and a confident face.

Everyone deserves to look tremendous with a radiant face. So, go ahead and follow simplified tips stated in this post to reach the sense of satisfaction within you.

How To Determine Whether You Have Dry, Oily, Combination Or Normal Skin type

Everyone desires to do proper care of his/her skin but skin care starts with carefully figuring out your actual skin type. After knowing your actual skin type; you can properly fulfil the demands of your skin, you can choose skin care products accordingly and also you can follow a suitable skin care routine to have glowing and radiant skin.

Skin type keeps changing with effect to a particular season, age, temperature and health. So after figuring out your skin type once, do not stick yourself to a specific beauty regimen all your life. You need to keep changing your beauty regime according to your skin type with regard to a particular season, age, temperature and health.

16 Amazing Add-on Ingredients For Your Face Mask (Part-2)

In the previous blog post, I discussed the different types of base material you can use for a face mask. If you missed the previous post, you can read it hereToday I am going to share all the ingredients you can add to your face mask to increase its efficacy. You can add as many ingredients into your face mask according to your need.

One thing you need to keep in mind that you should use these ingredients at least a month to see their effectiveness. The consistency of your face mask should not be much thick or much flowy.

An Ultimate Guide To Make Face Masks at home (Part-1)

Face masks are helpful in giving you glowing, healthy and youthful skin. You already have heard and read about it a lot. But if you don’t know the technique of making face masks at home and you don’t want to buy expensive face masks then you are at right place.

Face masks can be made easily from kitchen ingredients. There is no rocket science in making these but you need to keep few things in mind regarding your skin texture, season, age and the basic properties of each ingredient used in making face masks. You can also read next part here. So, without wasting any minute let’s get started:-

Effective Ways To Use Hair Oil To Promote Hair Growth

Hair Oil is the essential need of our hair, whether you believe it or not. Many people try to avoid hair oil just because it is a messy process. Even I believe that it is messy. But I do it every week at least two times, to make my hair strong from roots.

Our current environment is full of pollutants and harmful gases which take its toll on our hair. As a result, our hair becomes weak and more prone to fall due to this malicious environment.

Few Secrets To Control Hair Fall This Monsoon

Monsoons are romantic and amazing. Isn’t it? But this season comes with a problem of hair fall for all of us. Hair becomes weak and more prone to frizziness due to induced disturbances that strip away natural oils from the scalp. Hair fall cannot be totally fixed in this season, but it can be reduced to a greater extent.

Today, I am going to share my tried and tested ways to treat hair fall. I got a lot of help from these methods and I want you to benefit from these too.