Simple Ways To Tackle 5 Common Hair Problems

Not even a single woman is happy with her hair. Everyone has one or another issue related to her hair. Healthier-looking hair has always been associated with the beauty of a woman. That’s why we always look for the solutions to our hair problems. This article will point out some of those common hair problems and how to tackle them.

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is the most frustrating thing to deal with. As soon as you come out of the house, all those efforts to make that pretty hairstyle goes in vain. Dryness and damage cause our hair to frizz. So, you need to pay some extra attention to frizzy hair.

  • Do not use hot water to wash your hair. Rather use lukewarm water for washing and use cold water for final rinsing.
  • Rubbing hair harshly with a towel after hair wash increases static charge in our hair and allow them to frizz even more. Instead, use an old t-shirt by doing gentle blotting motions.
  • Using hair serum on towel-dried hair reduces frizziness to a great extent.
  • Always use a hair conditioner or hair mask after hair wash for extra hydration.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is not a problem but it is really a trouble to manage them. No hairstyle looks perfect on this kind of hair. And if you are leaving your hair open, it becomes a difficult task afterward to detangle them. Here are some quick tips to deal with curly hair properly.

  • Make sure that you are using hydrating shampoo and conditioner for your curly hair, it makes them easily manageable.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals on your hair because they will make your hair frizzy.
  • Find a right stylist for your hair who knows how to make your hair look best.
  • Don’t run your hands very often through your hair, it will tangle them very much.

Limp Hair

Thin or oily hair is usually prone to go flat and limp. Which is why all the hairstyles look unappealing on such hair. However, You can use following tips & tricks to make them look voluminous.

  • Don’t over-brush them, this will make sebaceous glands present in the scalp to produce more oil.
  • Use conditioner only on the ends of your hair.
  • Flip your hair upside down, while blow-drying. It will make your hair look voluminous.
  • Use rollers after blow-drying for loose curls.
  • Gentle teasing at the roots of hair will also add instant volume to your hair.

Dry & Damaged Hair

Hair becomes dry & damaged due to over usage of hair-styling tools and hair-color products. Also, some women naturally have dry scalp from birth. Missing a healthy haircare regime will damage such hair. Hair fall, split ends and frizziness are common hair problems in dry, damaged hair.

  • Use a leave-in conditioner or hair serum daily.
  • Massaging your hair with oil also helps in treating dryness.
  • Wrap up your hair with a towel soaked in warm water after massaging hair with oil. It helps in penetration of oil into roots and blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Avoid hair styling as much as you can.
  • Trim your hair after every 3-4 weeks to make your hair look healthy from the ends.

Hair Fall

Hair fall is one of those common hair problems that everyone face at some point in their lives. Sometimes it is because of the stress and deficiency of the vital nutrients in their body. However, other times it is just a false alarm because of the regeneration cycle of our hair.

  • Always have a balanced diet for hair growth.
  • Take a multi-vitamin tablet to combat vitamin-deficiency in your body.
  • Massage your hair with herbal hair oil which contains hair growth ingredients. Leave it overnight to work on your hair and wash them in the morning.
  • Do not brush your hair when they are wet. It will cause more breakage in your hair.
  • Limit the use of hair styling tools and hair coloring products.