Why You Should Start Using Face Oils Right Now

Face oils are definitely very popular in the beauty world these days. But they are not new to anyone. People are using these oils on their face for centuries.

Swapping your moisturizer with the face oil will definitely add certain benefits to your skin. We are going to discuss “why you need to incorporate these beauty oils in your skincare regime” in this blog post.

Packed with anti-oxidants

Face oils are extracted from natural ingredients. Thus they are packed with lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect our skin from free radicals. Free radicals are capable of damaging our skin cells thus they need to be removed from our body.

Antioxidants limit and remove these free radicals from our body. Thus the topical application of face oil protects our face from certain damages.

Loaded with vitamins

Face oils being in natural form are loaded with different kind of vitamins. Vitamin A, B, C, E are a certain type of vitamins which are required by our skin. These vitamins help in improving the texture of our face by providing essential vitamins.

Though you can complete the nutritional intake of these vitamins via food. But topical application definitely gives extra benefits.

Slows down ageing of skin

Face oils keep free radicals and toxins away from our skin. So, topical application of these oils surely slows down premature ageing of the skin. You only need 4-5 drops of oil for your entire face. This much quantity will never leave your face greasy.

Does not clog pores

One of the biggest myth about face oil is that they clog our pores. This is totally not true. Face oil can penetrate through our pores very easily and does not make your face looking greasy at all.

Best for dry, flaky and sensitive skin

If you suffer from dry, flaky and sensitive skin and no moisturiser prove beneficial for your skin. Then you must try face oils. They are best for giving a hydrated and moisturised look on a dehydrated and lifeless face.

They also help in the soothing flaky skin.

Gives a clean and even skin tone

Face oils are helpful in clearing pigmentation and blemish marks; soothing inflamed skin and calming rashes on our face. Though it is obvious that different face oils provide different benefits. So, you need to choose wisely among a variety of face oils available in the market.