DIY Natural Tinted Lip Balm Recipe

Lip balms are everyone’s favourite. They moisturise our lips and make them soft within an instant. I have a bunch of these either in cute little tubes or in small jars lying on my work desk, dressing table, bed and in drawers.

Some of them are tinted while remaining are plain just having some flavour in them. Most of the times I try to make them at home. And I swear the method of making lip balms is so easy that anyone can follow this process without any fuss.

The recipe I am going to share with all of you needs ingredients which you can easily find in your kitchen. You will love yourself for trying out this recipe at the end. So, without wasting any minute let’s get into the process.


  • 2 teaspoon vaseline or coconut oil (whatever is easily available)
  • 1 teaspoon beeswax
  • 1-2 pinch of organic food colouring
  • 5-10 drops of vanilla essence (for flavouring)
  • Edible glitter (optional)

Things you will need:

  • A bowl (for mixing)
  • A spoon (for stirring)
  • An old tube or a small jar (for storage)


  1. Collect either vaseline or coconut oil in a container and melt it using a microwave. Just keep in mind one thing that the coconut oil you are using for this recipe must be edible. Both vaseline and coconut oil have moisturising properties to make our lips soft and smooth. If you want to add both to your lip balm, use 50:50 composition of these ingredients.
  2.  Add beeswax to the container and melt it too. Stir well all the ingredients with the help of a spoon. Beeswax is added to this mixture just to make your lip balm hard. Without adding beeswax, your lip balm will spill if you carry it in your handbag.
  3. Now add organic red food colour to this mixture to give your lip balm a nice tint. You can also use beetroot powder for red coloured lip balm. Add a pinch of yellow colour into it to have orange coloured lip balm. If you like to have brown coloured lip balm, add cocoa powder to it. Play with food colours to give your lip balm a sweet tint.
  4. Adding few drops of vanilla essence will give this lip balm a fresh and pleasing flavour.
  5. Pour the entire mixture into an old tube or a small jar. Refrigerate the tubes or jars for few minutes. Your lip balm is ready to use.

Few tips:

  • If you notice that your lip balm is still not hard enough after being made. Depot the tube again in the container and add a half teaspoon of beeswax to it. Melt the mixture and mix it well. Pour the mixture again in the tube and refrigerate it.
  • If you can’t find beeswax in stores. Add a small piece of your favourite lipstick to this lip balm mixture. Lipstick already contains beeswax which will harden up your lip balm. But keep one thing in mind, you don’t need to add food colour to the mixture if you are using lipstick.
  • Don’t add eyeshadow or blush pigments for the purpose of tint. Not all eyeshadow or blush pigments are safe to be used on lips.