Skincare Ingredients Which Must Be Avoided By People With Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a condition in which skin is very much delicate and highly reactive to different kinds of irritants. If your skin is sensitive, it may be because of any of these skin disorders for e.g. eczema, rosacea or allergic contact dermatitis.

Whenever your skin is exposed to unfavorable conditions or irritants; you experience redness, itchiness, stinging, dryness, tingling or any other sensation on your face.

The unfavorable conditions which may cause a sensation on your skin are extremely hot or cold temperature, stress, prolonged sun exposure, pollution or the wind.

Another thing which may cause a sensation on your skin is irritant which is found in several skincare products. We are going to have a close look at all these skin care ingredients in this blog post.


Sulphates are foaming agents often found in facial cleansers and shampoos. These are listed in ingredients as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES).

These agents disturb the protective barrier of oil on the skin which leads to skin irritation.


Many toners  and creams available in the market have alcohol in it. A skincare product which contains alcohol instantly gives a quick-dry finish on your face but also dehumidify skin at the same time.

So, opt for alcohol-free formulas next time you buy any skin care ingredient.


Synthetic fragrances do more harm onto your skin than any good. Fragrances are added to skin care products just to please your nose.

These synthetic fragrances present in skin care products causes inflammation and irritation on your skin. Always pick fragrance-free formulas and your skin will feel blessed.

Apricot Kernels

The irregular shape of apricot kernels present in your favourite scrub is abrasive to be used on sensitive skin. Use a gentle exfoliator on your face to avoid any kind of sensation.


Parabens are mostly used as preservatives in many skincare products for e.g. moisturisers, sunscreens, shampoos etc. These are used to protect these products against microbial growth.

Use paraben-free moisturiser and sunscreen formulated specially for sensitive skin.


Retinol is used as an anti-ageing ingredient in a variety of creams and lotions meant to uplift your skin. It has the tendency to dry out our skin. So, the people with sensitive skin should maintain a distance with this ingredient.

Try using anti-ageing products with “rhamnose – an ingredient derived from plants”.

Expired Products

Skin care products remain no longer effective after a certain time period. Also, they have no potential to provide any benefit to your skin.

Expired products can react differently on your sensitive skin further leading to irritation. Get rid of all those products which have exceeded their shelf-life or changed their colour/consistency after a certain time.

Harsh Cleansers

Most of the cleansers available in the market are not made for sensitive skin. Because all of these contain harsh chemicals which may do a reaction on your skin.

Always use a water based cleanser. Water based cleanser is formulated specially for sensitive skin. They clean and exfoliate face without irritating your skin’s ph balance at the same time.

Chemical Sunscreens

The sunscreens which contain chemical formulations like avobenzone, octinoxate, oxybenzone are called as chemical sunscreens. Generally, these ingredients don’t react on a normal, dry or oily skin. But it is not same in the case of sensitive skin.

Use a physical sunscreen if you too notice any irritation on your skin after using a chemical sunscreen. Main ingredients of physical sunscreen are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.


You should not use products with synthetic colourants on your sensitive skin. Dyes can actually disturb your skin to an extent.

Look for products with no added colouring.