Mistakes To Avoid While Washing Face

Face washing is the most simple step in skincare routine to remove dirt and gunk off your face. If not done correctly, it can lead to many skin problems like acne, premature ageing, clogged pores and much more.

Watch out for any mistake listed below while washing face. Make sure you are not doing any of these to make your skin look amazing.

Using a wrong cleanser

There are a variety of cleansers available in the market for every skin type. If you use a foam based cleanser on your dry skin then it will rip all the natural sebum off your face & make your skin look more dull and lifeless.

Using a gel based cleanser on an oily face will not properly clean facial pores and eventually pores get clogged after some time.

Read this post to know about choosing skincare products for your skin type.

Not washing your hands

Hands are the dirtiest part of your body. No matter how many times you are washing your hands, you are touching and picking things every minute.

That’s why you need to either rinse or wash your hands with a hand wash before washing your face.

Not using particular amount of face wash/cleanser

Use a proper quantity of face wash while washing face. Too much will wash off the required amount of sebum off your face and too little will not properly clean your face.

Not removing makeup before washing face

Remove makeup before hitting the wash basin to clean your face. It will properly clean your face and tough pigments of makeup like kajal, eye liner and mascara which don’t come off the face in the first attempt.

Rinsing off face instantly after using cleanser

Cleansers need some time to break dirt, gunk and makeup pigments off your face in order to clean it properly. Leave facial cleanser on your face for a minimum time of 30 seconds and a maximum time of 1 minute.

Not removing cleanser completely

If you don’t remove your cleanser off your face completely, it will clog your pores eventually. Splash water on your face at least 6-7 times while rinsing.

Using a dirty towel

Dirt and sebum get accumulated on a towel after every usage. Use separate towels for your face and body. Wash your body towel every 3-4 days and your face towel every 4-5 days. Using a dirty towel on your face after cleansing places back dirt and bacteria on your face.

Using warm water on face

Warm water opens facial pores, produces more sebum and attracts more dirt on the face. Either use lukewarm water to wash face or use cold water at the end to seal enlarged pores.


Exfoliation needs to be done on two bases. First is cell regeneration process of body and second is the amount of sebum produced by your skin. 

Skin generates new cells after every 28 days. If you do the workout on a daily basis then this cell regeneration process is fast in your body.

Dead skin cells and sebum makes our face look dull. Exfoliation removes dead cells, sebum off our face to reveal the fresh layer of skin cells. Exfoliation needs to be done either once a week for most of the people or twice a week for selective ones. More than this number is considered over-exfoliation.

Not applying moisturiser afterwards

Moisturiser restores back hydration into our face. Not applying moisturiser on face after cleansing stretches our skin and results into premature ageing if done regularly.

Rubbing face with towel

Rubbing also stretches skin cells resulting into premature ageing. Always pat dry your face with the towel after cleansing.

Quick tip: Wash your face no more than two times (morning & evening) a day with cleanser. Rinse your face with clean water if you need to wash off your face in daytime.

Image via flickr.com under Creative Commons license.