Different Ways To Include Vaseline In Your Beauty Regime

Vaseline has been on the market more than a century now but most of the people are using this product just to moisturise their lips.

Being a cheap and the most affordable product, anyone can include vaseline into their beauty regime in many different ways.

As a highlighter

Vaseline produces a natural, dewy sheen on the face when used as a highlighter. Just dab a little bit on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose and you are good to go.

You can also mix your powder highlighter with vaseline to make it more intense and natural.

Cracked heel smoother

Cracked heels are very much difficult to deal with. They not only look bad but also pain a lot if not healed on time. Thank god, vaseline can do this job very effectively.

Mix 1 part vaseline with 1 part of glycerin. Apply this mixture on your heels at night and wear a nice pair of socks to give your feet a cozy comfort overnight. You will notice a visible difference in your heels next morning.

Follow this routine for at least 2-3 weeks until you discover gorgeous feet again. Even if you don’t have cracked heels, this remedy will help you to have soft heels within few days.

Cuticle softener

Don’t want to invest in those costly cuticle creams available at the drugstore? Don’t worry, we have an affordable solution for you. You can use vaseline to soften dry cuticles anytime.

Eyebrow tamer

Want to tame unruly eyebrows? We have a quick solution for you. Dab a little bit of  vaseline on your eyebrows and tame them using an old mascara wand. Your eyebrows will stay in place for a long time.

Dry/Flaky skin soother

If you face the problem of having dry/flaky skin around the nose and also encounter dry patches in certain areas of the face. Don’t worry, vaseline is the real savior of this problem.

You just need to apply a little bit on the problem areas and your problem is good to go.

Lip scrubber

Lip scrubbers are very effective in removing dead skin cells off the lips and unleashing soft pinky lips afterward.

To make this lip scrubber, you only need to mix some salt with vaseline. Rub this scrubber on your lips for about 4-5 minutes.

Split end softener

Split ends make your hair look dry, frizzy and absolutely not gorgeous. But you don’t have to worry about this issue if you have vaseline.

Apply a little bit of vaseline on your split ends and it will make your hair shiny in no extra time.

Flyaway tamer

There are a lot of options available in the market to tame flyaways or baby hairs but they all are toxic and contain chemicals.

If you want a non-toxic and chemical-free formulae for your hair. Vaseline is the solution to this complication. Dab a little bit of vaseline on your baby hairs. It will not make your hair look greasy.

Hair color protectant

Do you color your hair often and hate it when the color shows up on the skin along the hairline? Don’t worry. For this quickie, apply vaseline on the skin along with the hairline. Wipe everything off when you wash off your hair.

Powder to creamy blush converter

Whether you noticed it or not but a powdered blush makes dry or normal skin type look drier. Do not think for a second that you will now have to throw your powdered makeup.

For this quick fix, mix up your powdered blush with vaseline. If you find it difficult to mix both of these, just microwave both of these for 30 seconds using a container.

Pour the mixture in an old cream container. Freeze it for few minutes. Your creamy blush is good to use. I just love creamy blushes because they leave a natural sheen on the cheeks.

Image via flickr.com under Creative Commons license.