Things That Are Clogging Your Pores Easily

Pores are the tiny openings on the surface of our face. These are connected to sebaceous glands to produce sebum on the face.

Our skin also takes fresh natural air and releases harmful toxins via these pores. There are a lot of things that create gunk on your face leaving your pores clogged. Clogged pores make your skin easily to breakout.

This is the reason we are here today to discuss out several things which are clogging your pores.

Your moisturiser

If the moisturiser you are using does not seep into your skin within few minutes and leaves your face greasy afterwards, then it is not suitable for your skin. Dirt and pollution particles can easily stick on a greasy face which leaves your pores clogged.

Use a light moisturiser in summers and a thick moisturiser (but not greasy thick) in winters. Use a required amount of your moisturiser every time. A little extra amount will also leave grease on your face.

Not cleansing your face after reaching home

Whenever we go outdoors; dirt, gunk and pollution particles sit on our face leaving it dull and unhealthy. More is the time they are allowed to sit on our face, more are the chances they will clog our pores. So, cleanse your face as soon as possible after reaching home.

You can also keep face wipes in your handbag to remove gunk from your face every few hours.

Your cell phone

You keep your cell phone upside down on a table, in your handbag, on the floor (sometimes) and  on the window pane. All of these things contain dirt, bacteria and germs to a large extent. Just imagine, how much dirt and bacteria get on your face via your cell phone.

Your pillowcases

Your pillowcase is also a red zone where you get a lot of germs and dirt. Every night your face secrete natural oil which is absorbed by the pillowcase. The oil on your pillowcase attracts dirt and germs which will be transferred onto your face next time you sleep. This is the reason, we should wash our pillowcases on a frequent basis.

Waterproof makeup

Everyone loves waterproof makeup because of the fact it lasts all day long. Waterproof makeup basically blocks your pores to create a barrier between your face and the layer of makeup. This way your pores doesn’t sweat and leaves you all day long pretty face.

But waterproof makeup clog your pores making your skin to breakout if it is left on the skin for longer durations. Remove your waterproof makeup after 4-5 hours to have a squeaky clean face.

 No exfoliation

Our skin produces new skin cells after every 28 days and creates a layer of dead skin on these new cells. If these dead cells are not removed from the face, it will clog your pores and lead your skin to acne.

Exfoliation can remove these dead cells off your face very effectively. Pamper your face with 5 minutes of exfoliation every week and save yourself from such hassles.