Mistakes to avoid while applying face mask

Face masks are everyone’s favorite for different purposes. They add an instant glow to our skin, unclog pores, moisturizes and brightens our face.

Whether you buy a face mask from the drugstore or make a one at home right from your kitchen ingredients. Every face mask proves its efficacy by adding benefits to your skin.

Believe it or not, but most of the people do following mistakes while applying face masks. These mistakes minimize the advantageous effects of a face mask. So, you need to make sure that you are not making these mistakes.

Using a specific mask all the time

Our skin type varies with the change in season and age. So as our skin necessities also vary. If you are using the same mask since your teenage then you must need to know this fact. Use face masks according to a season and your skin texture. Every face mask serves a different purpose to our skin. For example, clay masks are used to shrink enlarged pores and it is good to use in the humid environment like monsoons.

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The same rule applies for combination skin type people. Combination skin comprises of oily T-zone and dry cheeks. People with such skin need to use different masks for different areas of the face. For e.g. clay masks should be used for oily T-zone and hydrating masks need to be used for dry cheeks.

Not removing face mask properly

Face mask which is not removed properly leaves our skin dry, dull and dehydrated. It also clog our pores which further lead to breakouts.

Too frequent uses

2-3 applications of face masks are advised on a weekly basis. Daily usage extracts natural oil from our skin cells leaving it unhealthy.

Applying it on delicate areas of the face

Under-eye area and lips are the most delicate areas of our face. Face masks are not made to apply on these gentle parts. Applying face mask on these areas creates unwanted tension resulting into fine lines and premature ageing.

Applying face mask with unclean hands or an unclean brush

Either you are applying face mask with hands or brush, both needs to be clean before using this treatment on your face. Unclean hands or an unclean brush leaves bacteria on your face along with the face mask. Whether you are using fingers or a brush to apply beauty mask on your face, sanitize them.

Applying beauty mask on unclean face

If hands need to be clean before application of face mask, same goes with the face. Always wash your face with a cleanser before any beauty treatment (make sure to remember this tip every time). Otherwise, you won’t get full benefits from your face mask.

Talking or giving expressions with face

Giving facial expressions like frowning, smiling or talking while face mask on is a big no-no. It creates unwanted tension and elongate skin tissues of the face which also leads to premature ageing.

After care

Always use a moisturiser according to your skin type after properly washing your face. A moisturiser restores back depleted moisture and ph balance of our skin.

Keeping mask on face for longer durations

Never keep a mask on your face longer than 15 minutes. Clay mask dries within 10 minutes after application. So it is needed to wash your face as soon as the mask dries or after 15 minutes of application (in the case of hydrating masks). Our skin cannot breathe normally with a mask applied on the face.

Quick tip: Clay masks should be cleaned off our face as soon as the mask semi-dries because a completely dried clay mask is difficult to wash off. We have to rub our skin a bit vigorously to clean a dried clay mask which is not good for our skin elasticity.