How To Determine Whether You Have Dry, Oily, Combination Or Normal Skin type

Everyone desires to do proper care of his/her skin but skin care starts with carefully figuring out your actual skin type. After knowing your actual skin type; you can properly fulfil the demands of your skin, you can choose skin care products accordingly and also you can follow a suitable skin care routine to have glowing and radiant skin.

Skin type keeps changing with effect to a particular season, age, temperature and health. So after figuring out your skin type once, do not stick yourself to a specific beauty regimen all your life. You need to keep changing your beauty regime according to your skin type with regard to a particular season, age, temperature and health.

Personally speaking, I have oily skin in summers and in monsoons but my skin tends to appear normal in winters and in the spring season. Though figuring out your skin type is a bit confusing process but I tried to simplify this process for you with following procedures:-

  1. Bare-faced sleeping method

    Cleanse your face with a mild face wash at night. Now gently pat dry your skin and do not apply any moisturizer or a night care product on your face. Go to bed neither with artificial air conditioner nor with an artificial heating device on in your room. Examine your skin in the next morning in front of the mirror. If you are having oil all over your face, then you definitely have oily skin type. If your whole face is dry, then your skin type is dry. And if your T-zone ( the facial area comprising forehead, nose, around nose and chin) looks a little bit oily and your cheeks seem to be dry then you probably have normal/combination skin.

  2. Bare-faced blotting method

    Cleanse your face with a mild face wash and gently pat it dry. Do not apply any skin care product on your face. After 1 hour, have a close examination of your face using blotting sheets. If blotting sheet appears to have a lot more oil, then your skin is oily. If blotting sheet is dry, then you definitely have dry skin. If Blotting sheet contains oil only from T-zone and cheeks appear to be dry then you must have normal/combination skin.

Tip for washing your face: While washing your face, you need to do gentle massage with face wash for a minimum of 20 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds. So that dirt particles, external pollutants and makeup particles come out of pores easily.

Symptoms for different skin types:

Oily Skin:-

  • Pores are visibly enlarged especially on the tip of nose and on cheek area around the nose.
  • Tends to breakout easily.
  • Either dull or shiny complexion.
  • Skin is usually acne-prone, have blemishes and blackheads.

Dry Skin:-

  • The skin has visible fine lines.
  • Pores are usually small.
  • Dry and flaky skin.
  • More sensitive to harsh products.
  • Sometimes skin tends to appear red easily even after washing the face.
  • Skin feels tight and stretchy after washing.

Normal Skin:-

  • Has almost no or little imperfections.
  • Radiant and glowing complexion.
  • Pores are barely visible.
  • Almost no sensitivity to skincare products.

Combination skin:-

  • The skin appears shiny or dull only on T-zone.
  • Pores are visible only on cheek area around the nose.
  • Tends to breakout easily on T-zone.